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All these documents are copyright © CastScapes, LLC 2002-2009. You may download/archive them as many times as you wish, but you may not redistribute them in any form without prior written consent of CastScapes, LLC.

Files and file availability are subject to change without notice.

Downloading Instructions

Click the filename to download the file.

Product Code Formats Size (kB) File
RDS Incorporated Building (kit) met_002_rds_kit PDF 91.0 met_002_rds_kit.pdf
Concrete Pad (seen under RDS buidings in Gallery) rds_pad_instructions PDF 84.0 rds_pad_instructions.pdf

Downloading Archives

Click the filename to download the file. You will need some sort of decompression utility (WinZIP, unzip, Stuffit Expander) to extract the files.

Archive Compression Comp. Size Format Uncom. Size File
Basic Warning stripes (by the sheet) covering a US standard sheet (8.5" x 11") @ 144 dpi.
basic_stripes_b-r_th.jpg basic_stripes_r-y_th.jpg basic_stripes_r-w_th.jpg basic_stripes_b-y_th.jpg
zip 1,700 MB JPEG 4.5 MB